Glasses Exams

Perhaps It Is Time for Glasses

Millions of people wear glasses every day as a routine part of how they move about the world, but there is still a stigma around glasses that persists to this day. However, we should all discard the old way of looking at eyeglasses and instead understand that they are essential element of living a happy and productive life. 

Glasses Exams

Hempstead Optometrist Can Help You See Better Today

Decreased vision does not tend to happen in an instant. Rather, the decline in one's vision mostly occurs over time. It is important to try to do regular self-exams when it comes to your vision health. This means testing to see that you are still able to see certain objects and texts that you ought to be able to see given normal eyesight. If you find yourself struggling with this, then you should visit our optometrist right away. 

Our optometrist will run a variety of tests on your eyes to gauge your level of vision and the strength of the prescription that you need. We will then recommend a variety of things you can do to avoid eye strain in your daily life. We will also prescribe you the eyeglasses that you require to see right now.

Eyeglasses for Style and Ease of Use

Contact lenses are an option that many are running to these days when they realize that they might need some aid for their vision. Contact lenses are fantastic, but their use does come with a number of drawbacks and requires a larger investment of time each day. Eyeglasses are preferred by many because they can convey a sense of style and because they are easy to keep around and use when needed.

Keep in mind that becoming a glasses wearer will be an adjustment, and your eyes may need some time to conform to the new reality. You should not expect instant results from your new prescription, but you can expect that they will begin to improve your vision in a short period of time. It is all about wearing them consistently and making sure you follow all instructions as provided to you by your doctor. 

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