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Seeing the eye doctor isn't just important for those with a history of poor vision. An eye exam does more than identify why a child can't see the board at school – it provides an important window into overall eye health, and sometimes even provides a peek into general health as well. Just the process of having your eyes dilated is essential for diagnosing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disease.

At Giant Optical, Dr. Ira Goldberg is serious about help patients balance both vision care and their eye health. Whether you have a foreign object in your eye, need the next stronger prescription for your glasses, or you want to look into the possibility of contacts despite being hard to fit, Dr. Goldberg is ready to work with your vision or eye health challenges to get you or your child the care you need.

Vision Therapy and Support

There are many times when vision care means more than a quick exam and leaving with a new pair of glasses. For children that have developed Lazy Eye or similar problems with eye teaming, vision therapy can help them get back on track. Athletes often seek out specialty care to maximize their performance. With so many people working on computers, or other screens, special attention needs to be given to computer vision to help protect vision and eye health.0

Those who are looking for long-term vision solutions or who just want to be able to go without contacts or glasses during the day can look into the possibility of Othro-K lenses, a type of contact that correct vision overnight. You can also find out information about LASIK or other vision correction surgery and whether or not they are right for you.

Our Eye Doctor

Giant Optical was established in 1995. Dr. Ira Goldberg performs eye exams for eyeglasses and contacts, including hard-to-fit contacts, LASIK evaluations, and pre and post-operative care, vision therapy, sports vision, computer vision, and more. Dr. Goldberg is always on the lookout for signs of eye health conditions such and macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. These conditions need to be addressed as quickly as possible because they can lead to vision loss if left unaddressed. Through early diagnosis, these conditions can be effectively managed and eyesight can be preserved.

Eye Health Professionals in Hempstead

If you are looking to schedule an eye exam in Hempstead, contact Giant Optical today. For more information or to schedule an eye exam with our optometry professionals, call us today at (516) 481-2020.

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