Routine Eye Exams

Comprehensive healthcare involves taking care of your eyes. Preventative and routine eye exams help you maintain your vision as well as your health. When you see an optometrist regularly, you ensure that no health conditions are lurking. At Giant Oaptical, Dr. Goldberg provides preventative care in Hempstead, NY. Contact our optometry center to learn more or to schedule an eye care appointment. Let’s look at what you can expect during your routine eye exam at Giant Optical.


Discuss Your Symptoms and Concerns

One of the first things that will happen during your routine eye exam is that you will discuss your symptoms. For instance, you should note any blurry vision or eye discomfort you have experienced since your last visit. You will also discuss your family history and any eye conditions you have experienced.

Vision Testing

Next, our eye doctor will assess your vision. Every comprehensive eye exam includes a test of your visual acuity. You have likely received this test before, which includes reading a wall chart from across the room. You will also look at a set of letters closer to your face. The goal is to determine if you could benefit from corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses.

Eye Function

Our eye doctor will test your depth perception, eye muscle strength, peripheral vision, light responsiveness, and color vision. We want to examine your eyes to see how well they work together and you might be able to strengthen their function. Additionally, the eye doctor will look for ways in which therapy could be beneficial for your eyes so that you can avoid long-term damage caused by poor function.

Eye Health

The eye doctor will examine your eye to look at the internal structures. This will include a look for any health conditions, including glaucoma, and cataracts. The exam will provide insight into potential abnormalities that could affect your vision. Treatment can help you avoid serious vision loss, which is often permanent. Treatment can also help with conditions like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

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Dr. Goldberg at Giant Optical is here to help you get the preventative care you need to avoid serious eye illnesses, diseases, and loss of vision. Call our team today at (516) 481-2020 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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