Routine Eye Exams

Routine Eye Exams at Giant Optical

Our optometrist recommends undergoing a routine eye exam, also called a vision screening, at least once a year to ensure ongoing eye health. These appointments are the first line of defense against eye disorders and are quick and painless. If you need an eye exam in or around the Hempstead area, our professional staff at Giant Optical is here to help.


What to Expect at Your Routine Eye Exam

When you make an appointment at Giant Optical, we will perform various tests to determine your eye health. These optometry tests include:

Pupillary Reactions: We will use a light to check your pupil responsiveness and will examine the surface of your eye for signs of dry eye, scorches on your cornea, and bacteria debris, amongst other conditions.  

Visual Acuity and Refraction: Our optometrist will ask you to read an eye chart filled with numbers and letters with one or both eyes during this test. This will help us determine your vision prescription needs. During this test, we will also place a large lens refractor in front of your eyes and ask you a series of questions about which lenses make your vision better or worse. 

Pupil Dilation: At the end of your exam, our doctor may dilate your eyes so we can thoroughly examine your optic nerve and retina. To conduct this exam, our team will put a few drops in your eyes that cause your pupils to enlarge, letting more light in and giving us a better view of your eye. If we perform this test, your eyes may be sensitive to light for up to an hour after the test, so it’s best to avoid being outside in direct sunlight afterward. 

Color Vision Test: If you have difficulty distinguishing certain colors, our eye doctor might screen your vision for a color deficiency during your eye exam. To do this, our optometrist will show you several multicolored dot-pattern tests. If you have difficulty distinguishing certain patterns within the dots, this means you could have a color deficiency. 

Slit-lamp Examination: For this test, our optometrist will use a slit-lamp, a device that uses a line of light to magnify and illuminate the front of your eye. It will be used to examine your eyelids, iris, lens, and cornea.

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If you are ready to schedule an eye exam, the team at Giant Optical in Hempstead is here for you. Our team is dedicated to providing patients the eye care they need to maintain optimal vision at any stage of their lives. Contact our office to schedule your next eye exam or to learn more about how we can help.


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